We received the AAA Platinum Credit Rating

February 19, 2022

By receiving the Platinum Credit Excellence for last year in February, the company Ekten ranked among the 3.7% of the best Slovenian companies that already own the award. With this, we also received a formal confirmation of the strategic orientations of our company in the direction of achieving business excellence, which is in line with our vision to become an important company in the field of development and promotion of sustainable technologies.

The platinum credit excellence received from the international analytical house Dun & Bradstreet thus confirms our reliability, credibility and at the same time represents solid evidence of low risk of cooperating with us to our Slovenian and international partners. The latter is one of the key factors in the successful acquisition of complex and demanding projects on international markets.

The acquisition of Platinum Excellence, as a result of three consecutive awards of Gold Credit Excellence in recent years, is the result of dedicated and persistent work of many employees. Fort his we thank everyone in the company, from technicians to engineers, with conviction, that the mentioned certificate of our business excellence will become a constant also in the coming years.