We have successfully completed a large-scale turnkey project for a flue gas cleaning system.

1 марта, 2022

At Ekten, we invest our knowledge and experience in a better tomorrow for us, our children and our descendants. We are a company that, in accordance with our mission and values, pay a lot of attention to the care of sustainable technology for environmental protection.

With our clients, we develop personalized and unique products or services that are primarily aimed at reducing harmful emissions. Last month we realized one of the largest flue gas cleaning projects in the company’s history. We have adapted the unique system to the customer’s wishes and the space in which the flue gas cleaning is performed.

System operation

Various technologies are used to clean the flue gases, which clean the air with the help of water and various multi-stage reactions. The newly built system can clean up to 100,000 mᶾ/h of hot air, from which it removes fibers, solid particles, organic gases and inorganic gases. The special feature of all Ekten systems are the minimal energy losses, as the return of water to the closed system takes care of the reuse of wastewater.


Our systems are unique, personalized and designed according to the wishes of customers. They are controlled remotely with the help of computers or smartphones. With remote monitoring, the user can constantly monitor the progress of the filtration and immediately intervene in the event of a malfunction in the system.

The newly built cleaning system is thus the best proof of the vision of sustainable development and care for the environment, which we at Ekten have been supporting since the company was founded twenty-five years ago.

gas cleaning system