Touch panel control

Smart solutions for the management of cleaning systems

Our custom-made filtering systems stand out from other systems since we offer our own digital control units. A digitalised systems is a part of the whole turnkey solution. Every single control system is unique and adapted to a specific application in your cleaning system. You can control and manage it using industrial touchscreens, which provide for an intuitive user experience, which means that you do not need extensive instructions or long-term training.

We manufacture our own digital control systems with touchscreens, which is why they are adapted to the cleaning system they are used with. These systems are unique and assembled in close cooperation with the client. From the foundations to the final execution, the architecture of the system is adapted to the needs of the client. We also customise the control points and the system management method to the client. Using different sensors and detectors, we create feedback loops which help us automatise the system. Digitalisation is a step towards modern control system management. Each and every one of our systems is included in the smart factory solution in line with our client’s wishes. We simply integrate our systems into your industry 4.0 solution.

We also offer servicing and maintenance to provide you with the best solution. Hardware and software updates will guarantee the longevity and reliable functioning of your cleaning system and other processes.

Integrate our smart systems into your smart factory.

digital control units
digital control units touchscreens
unique and adapted digital control unit
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digital control units