Care for nature and technologies for a cleaner environment

Ever since the establishment of our company, we have been focusing on sustainable economy here at Ekten. Our vision and mission lead towards finding solutions for environmental preservation. The sustainable orientation of our company lies in the technological solutions which are directly intended to also raise the level of sustainability in our clients’ companies.

Ecological air filtration equipment which exceeds EU regulations and standards is the key to long-term client solutions. In addition to long-term solutions, Ekten also aims to use sustainable materials in the manufacturing processes for our products, in order to guarantee the longevity of our products and reduce waste. We take another step forward by successfully cleaning waste water and also reducing its use, as well as reusing waste materials in our processes. In doing so, we strive to reduce the environmental load.

The quality of our lives and the state of our planet are directly linked to the decisions that we make. Here at Ekten, we try to propose environmentally friendly solutions which tackle the issue of pollution at the very source. We offer sustainable solutions for different types of industries, thus contributing to a cleaner air and a better environment for the future generations.