We provide more than just products for our clients

We offer integrated services, which consist of engineering, manufacturing, assembly and other services requested by the client upon prior consultation, for our entire manufacturing programme.

We mainly assemble our products on-site, i.e. directly at the customer’s location all around the world. In our opinion, providing these services is extremely important for the functioning of the systems. Only high-quality installation allows us to guarantee our customers a long service life of our products. Experienced assembly teams, foremen and supervisors in cooperation with our engineers are an excellent combination for a successful and efficient implementation. When it comes to tailor-made projects, assembly processes are specific tasks, as they each present their own unique challenge. Whenever possible, we visit the location and study the facility before executing any work. In doing so, we are able to prepare a plan for the optimal execution. In our company, safety always comes first. We often work with lifts, forklifts and lifting platforms. We specialise in work at heights which requires a special set of knowledge and a high degree of prudence. The equipment that we install weighs from a couple of kilograms up to tens of tonnes. The weight of systems as a whole often exceeds 100 tonnes. We are particularly proud of our employees, who make even the most specific wishes of our customers come true in a safe and reliable way. The adaptability of our assembling process is what sets us apart from our competition: our teams are extremely inventive and solution-oriented.

We provide various services related to the filter system processing technique: dynamic balancing of rotors on site, ventilator assembly, aerodynamic measurement, start-up and calibrating of entire systems, etc.

We try to upscale the excellence of our products using digital control systems for integrated filter systems. Special touchscreens which we manufacture specifically for each individual filtering system are also an important upgrade, since they can be simply managed using one transparent control device. This is particularly important for all customers who would like their filtering systems to keep up with the times so that they can be connected to smart factory systems within the framework of industry 4.0.

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