We produce unique and sustainable solutions

Our manufacturing process encompasses various device segments, from ecological equipment for the filtration of contaminated air to technological equipment and noise protection devices.

Systems for the filtration of contaminated air consist of various components, such as: dry filters with a pneumatic or mechanised vibration of filter bags, pockets or inserts; wet filters with a system which purifies water and returns it for minimum water consumption; oil filters for the separation of oil vapours; scrubbers for scrubbing gases; different sizes and models of centrifugal ventilators; transport ventilators; work tables for welding and cleaning workpieces with exhaust attachments; movable exhaust arms for exhausting welding gases with mobile filtering units; exhaust hoods, walls and pipelines; industrial vacuum cleaners for cleaning the working environment; electronic operating/control cabinets with filter systems.

Technological equipment consists of devices used in quarries and for separation, the insulation material industry, glass furnaces, and transporting and storing powdered material.

Noise protection devices enable the sustainability of the coexistence between industry and people. It consists of soundproofing cabins for work machines (ventilators, pumps, paper machines), tubular silencers and noise barriers.

The fact that we manufacture our own unique solutions for our buyers makes it possible for us to provide them with high quality products. We believe in the overall quality of a product, which is why the manufacturing process is one of the most important elements. We control a wide range of steel processing methods using our own bandsaw and all other machines used for processing sheet metals and profiles, from sheet metal scissors to rectangular bending machines and machines used to bend round and square pipes of various dimensions. Using numerous automatic welding devices, including the flash welding robot, we can manufacture even the most challenging metal products, which is also achieved thanks to our own CNC processing centre. In our own paint shop, we also provide high quality anti-corrosion protection of all our products.