We offer our clients turnkey solutions

Here at Ekten, we provide specialised turnkey solutions for clients who need a development partner in creating a solution as a response to a specific problem. We will find a solution adapted to your specific needs and requirements, which will comply with European and environmental standards and will also meet even the most stringent tolerances.

Integrated solutions in the field of technological systems require interdisciplinary knowledge. In their work, our experts combine their knowledge in the field of:
• chemistry,
• electrical engineering
• and different branches of mechanical engineering, from challenging process technologies to the technologies used to treat and process steel.

Engineering consists of consultancy, design, and preparation of comprehensive technical documents. Since we would like our systems to fully meet the needs of our clients, we also train personnel to use our devices.

During their functioning, designed, manufactured and installed systems have reached the results required by buyers which also meet the applicable regulations and standards.
We also provide servicing for our installations and other filtration systems, thus guaranteeing their smooth functioning.

Development of steel devices and constructions

We develop devices and constructions using modern tools in a 3D virtual environment. 3D tools allow us to develop solutions more swiftly. In individual projects, they simplify their spatial placement and help us identify potential issues before they even occur.
Using a 3D tool, we simplify the development of solutions on existing facilities (“brown field”) while also enabling simultaneous development for new facilities (“green field”).”

Computer simulations

Numerical simulations allow us to develop the product in a virtual environment. Using a simulation, we calculate what will happen to our product and which processes will take place in our devices.
Simulations allow us to quickly develop and test a whole scope of different prototypes in a virtual environment. In doing so, we develop the optimal product which is adapted to the needs of our client. Simulation enables us to develop the optimal individual and tailor-made solution.
In our work, we use numerical simulations for static and dynamic calculations, and simulations for computational fluid dynamics.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

CFD allows us to describe all systems containing fluids (liquids and gases). It enables us to calculate processes with liquid flow and allows us to describe the interaction between different fluids. We use CFD in order to monitor the aerodynamics of the movement of air or water, transfer of particles or heat, and efficiency of flue gas treatment.