Industry 4.0

The age of automation and robotics

Our era is one of rapid economic growth, fierce competition and a meteoric pace of change, which is why optimisation of manufacturing processes is extremely important. Employees are priceless, and so is their knowledge and work instincts. The human factor, however, is not without its limitations. Preciseness stops at certain margins that the human eye and hand cannot exceed. In addition, a certain level of productivity can also not be exceeded, which limits the possibility of optimising manufacturing processes. This is where automation and robotics come in handy. Industry 4.0 or the industrial revolution is a trend which encourages production automation.

Here at Ekten, we are definitely not planning to replace our employees with robots. However, we do include automation in our manufacturing processes if its purpose is to relieve the employees and increase efficiency. This allows our employees to spend more time dealing with more important processes or with those processes that cannot be automatised due to our current workload. Since all of our products are custom-made and unique, our manufacturing process still contains a significant amount of manual work and assembly.

We introduce process automation by using CNC machines, and various automatic and semi-automatic machines for treating and shaping sheet metal. In the future, we would like to continue this path by updating our manufacturing process, particularly in order to relieve our employees and increase our competitiveness on the market.

Industry 5.0, which envisages the cooperation of people and smart systems and devices, is also just around the corner. We also pay particular attention to this trend: in the future, it will help us to further refine our manufacturing process. We also digitalise our systems which can be managed using simple industrial graphical user interfaces such as the SCADA system.