We take care of a cleaner environment in various industries

We develop systems that capture and purify polluted air, separate dust particles, explosive dust, oils, emulsions and vapours, and quench flue gases in the metal, chemical, wood, glass and insulation material industries, construction and metallurgy.

We create devices for compressing and consolidating insulation fibres, process ventilation systems, recycling systems, and units used to prepare technological raw materials. We use our knowledge in the field of technological air filtration systems to purify flue gases from several process steps. We also perform multistage cleaning which helps us remove solid particles and neutralise flue gases.

We create more complex solutions in the field of steel construction, cooling systems, process aeration systems and dosing systems to be used in the glass industry.

The equipment for transporting and storing powdered materials includes the manufacturing of material storage devices, pneumatic transport systems, and dosing devices which are then used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The technological equipment that we manufacture for quarries and separation processes consists of mobile and stable devices, crushing and classification devices, mobile and stable separations, micro-pulverisation and classifying lines, and hydraulic pulverisation devices.