About us

Provider of sustainable technology for a cleaner environment

We are a global provider of air filtration system, technological equipment used in quarries and for separations, equipment for the insulation material industry, glass furnace equipment, and equipment for transporting and storing powdered material.

We develop comprehensive and innovative turnkey technological solutions for our clients, providing the utmost degree of flexibility. These solutions are developed in close cooperation with the client: from planning and creation to transport and the possibility of installing the solution at the client’s premises. After our work is completed, we also provide servicing for your devices. We offer integrated solutions, which makes it possible for us to gain a detailed insight into all challenges presented by complex systems. We connect and control the devices and sensor systems using a central digital control system.


satisfied customers

In the past, we have collaborated with over 500 companies that remain our loyal customers to this day. We are extremely proud of the fact that most customers return to us if they need our services again.



The company currently has 30 permanent employees, nearly a third of whom are engineers from various fields. By rejuvenating our staff and elevating our educational structure, we try to provide our customers with more knowledge which is, in our opinion, the core component of progress. In combination with the experience provided by our older employees, we wish to propose reliable and durable solutions.


successfully implemented projects



In the past, we have supplied domestically manufactured equipment to over 40 countries while also executing integrated solutions in over 30 countries well beyond the European borders. Among other projects, we also installed equipment in Malaysia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Syria and Turkey.

Every single one of our products is unique. We manually manufacture individual tailor-made pieces which are then used to create complex systems in line with our client’s requests. We are bound together by our care for a cleaner environment, team work, constant up-skilling and tracking of the newest trends in our industry.

Here at Ekten, we will continue making a reality of our vision to become a global development partner offering durable technological and ecological solutions to be used in various industries. Our main goal is to provide a cleaner environment for our and future generations.

“Ekten, suistainable technologies

  • Reliable fulfilment of promises.
  • Creativity and innovation in finding new solutions.
  • Responsibility towards our employees, clients, business partners and other stakeholders.
  • Team work, cooperation and mutual respect among colleagues, cooperation between management and employees (both vertically and horizontally).
  • Care for the environment and sustainable development.
  • Flexibility.


For our clients, we develop innovative, flexible and environmentally oriented solutions for the filtration of polluted air in different industries, which helps us contribute to a cleaner environment. We are a reliable, flexible and responsible business partner who considers the interests of his employees, clients, business partners, the local community, and the environment. By creating new jobs, we are an important employer in our local community.


We would like to become a global development partner who offers integrated, innovative and tailor-made technological solutions in different industries in line with the trends in the field of sustainability and ecology.

objectives that we would like to achieve by 2030

Through automatisation and digitalisation of our manufacturing process, we would like to elevate our products to an even higher level. By using modern engineering methods, we would like to develop innovative and reliable technological systems for our clients. By entering new markets, we would like to expand the visibility of our products and also offer them on the markets where sustainability is still a relatively new concept. On the markets where our products are already available, we would like to comply with the strictest requirements set out in European and global regulations.

certificates and awards

By constantly investing in education and achieving the highest standards, we make sure that our products are indisputably sustainable and of the highest quality in all regards. We constantly try to improve, which is why we have already obtained numerous certificates. In doing so, we would like to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and increase our competencies. Among other things, we have been a proud owner of the ISO 9001 certificate for several years, which helps us to closely follow quality requirements and strive for constant improvement.

Our effort and reliability are recognised in Slovenia. Proving that are the several nominations for the Gazelle Award and the Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence (AAA). This certificate is awarded by credit rating agencies and proves our long-standing reliability, credibility and low risk for all our business partners.

the story of Ekten

The company Ekten d.o.o. was established in 1996. Our operations began in a small rented workshop where we used to create various filters.
Up until 2000, we mainly worked with smaller subcontractors. Co-owners were employed in the company at that time. In 2001, we built our current business premises and a hall for our own manufacturing process, thus obtaining the basic requirements for the development of our company.

Nowadays, we mainly deal with cleaning flue gases in the field of metal equipment for glass industry, insulation material industry, foundries and other heavy industries, crushing and conveying technique, quarry equipment, etc.
Due to the typification in the creation of filters and a decrease in demand for said products, these last few years were dedicated to the development of tailor-made cleaning systems for various clients.
Nowadays, the majority of our turnover is exported to Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Scotland, England, Malaysia, the United States, etc.

Because we care for our environment, we will continue manufacturing more advanced air purifying systems in the future. We would like to develop digital support with control systems which allow for a smart operation of extensive cleaning systems. We intend to follow trends in the field of sustainable development.